The Small and Medium Size Business Grant (SMSBG) Program is established, as a part of the Founder-President/CEO's Management Agenda to deliver a system that provides a centralized location for business leaders and entrepreneurs to find and apply for grant opportunities and project funding.  The SMSBG Program is structured and created as a mutual fund, whereas a group of stocks, bonds and other investments that are owned and contributed by many investors and managed by a professional Canadian or international investment and financial firm.

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) account for 60 to 70 per cent of jobs in most OECD countries, with a particularly large share in Italy and Japan, and a relatively smaller share in the United States. Between 30 and 60 per cent of SMEs can be characterised as innovative, of which some 10 per cent are technology-based. Innovative SMEs tend to be market-driven rather than research-driven, and quicker in responding to new opportunities than large firms. They play a key role in developing new markets.

Preservation, in contrast to conservation, attempts to maintain in their present condition areas of the Earth that are so far untouched by humans. This is due to the concern that mankind is encroaching onto the environment at such a rate that many untamed landscapes are being given over to farming, industry, housing, tourism and other human developments, and that we our losing too much of what is 'natural'. Like conservationists, some preservationists support the protection of nature including wildlife, water, air, and earth deposits. 

We work to support Women’s work through advocacy and awareness raising and to ensure that gender equality is central to policy making, and challenge gender stereotypes by advocating for equality of access and opportunity to translate efforts into action and ensure gender equality in achieved at all levels of society. The practical realisation of equality between men and women depends on both structural change and the implementation of laws; and social and behavioural change.

Stronger advocates of preservation however, adopt a less human-centred approach to environmental protection, placing a value on nature that does not relate to the needs and interests of human beings. Deep green ecology argues that ecosystems and individual species should be preserved whatever the cost, regardless of their usefulness to humans, and even if their continued existence would prove harmful to us. 

The National Health Council (NHC) is making a substantial contribution to the FAAVM's mission and purpose by addressing visible minority communities' public health issues and by providing a global perspective on public health. The NHC mainly focuses on dealing with communicable diseases, with conditions and problems affecting health, and aims to provide the maximum benefit for the underprivileged  communities across the country.

Knowledge of the policy-making process is valuable since knowing who does what, and where, helps the lobbyist make the best use of the information. For example, an experienced lobbyist will know what minor technical problems can be handled by which junior officials, and where and when to take major policy issues to senior public servants and ministers. We know which problems can be resolved and which will require the formation of coalitions of interests and the building of supportive public opinion  through “grassroots lobbying.”

“An Interfaith Dialogue for Peace and Security” is a milestone in interfaith research and teaching. This publication also serves as a reference material for doctoral student, professors, scholars, academic institutions, teachers; and anyone interested in furthering understanding of world religions.​Lambert Academic Publishing is an imprint of OmniScriptum.

It is one of the most successful, positive and fun filled musical "body safety" programs around. Our program has now been animated so that it can be shared with children in schools, nursery schools and homes alike. The My Body Is My Body Program has been presented live to over 350,000 children in schools and was so effective that we decided to animate it and put it into different languages so that a much wider audience of children could be reached.

The Federal Commission for the Advancement of Women (FCAW) pledges to improve gender equality and prevention of violence against women, especially vulnerable women living within underprivileged communities across Canada. The FCAW conducts extensive policy research studies in the context of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Beijing Declaration. Women comprise more than 40 percent of the global workforce, one third of formal business owners, and responsible for  as much as 80 percent of consumer spending. But when women cannot participate equally, economies pay a cost in terms of growth and development.

The Peace Cafe will have live Music and Dance performed by Amateur and Street Artists Musicians, Vocalists, Dancers and Physically Challenged Handicapped persons through daily live performances. We will display and sell paintings, sculptures and artefacts of Amateur, Street Artists and Physically Challenged Handicapped persons. Our Goal is to ensure that all the Amateur and Street Artists are given a chance to perform and are able to earn a livelihood through The Peace Cafe movement. Training classes will be provided to Children who will be encouraged to take up an Art of their interest. Children Birthday Parties with Live Music, Dance Performances will be encouraged.

The Minority Business Development Group (MBDG) is an initiative that provides concrete support to new and existing entrepreneurs, working with governments, private sector partners and local and international businesses, along with civil society groups, to help create successful entrepreneurial environments. Canada’s economic growth and jobs depend on its ability to support the growth of enterprises. We help provide technical and financial assistance to minority-owned businesses so that they can compete more successfully for federal, state, local government and commercial contracts. We also serve as advocates for minority-owned businesses to enhance economic development. 

An investment fund is a pool of money collected from many investors that is used by the fund manager to purchase and sell stocks, bonds, or other securities in accordance with the fund’s investment objectives. The most common type of investment fund is a mutual fund. In Canada, there are about 2,800 mutual funds designed for small, medium, and large investors. They offer a wider selection of investment opportunities and management expertise at a lower investment cost than most investors could access on their own. In 1993, a total of US$3.75 billion of public money was paid to help start-ups, the acquisition of equipment, R&D, training and consultancy services, in the form of direct grants, tax concessions, low interest rate loans or loan guarantees. 

The FAAVM Socio Economic Development Council (SEDC) plays a vital portion in the overall mission realization of the organization. The SEDC has launched the $3.5 billion trust fund for 2020, which represents a significant socioeconomic advancement and a symbol of achievement for FAAVM. These projects also include developing global trade mechanisms, the issuance of bonds and stocks certificates and the acquisition of real estate properties. Social development is about improving the well-being of every individual in society so they can reach their full potential. The success of society is linked to the well-being of each and every citizen. Social development means investing in people. It requires the removal of barriers so that all citizens can journey toward their dreams with confidence and dignity. It is about refusing to accept that people who live in poverty will always be poor. It is about helping people so they can move forward on their path to self-sufficiency, and contribute to their families and communities in a meaningful way.

We share an active belief in the value of human life, whereby humans practice benevolent treatment and provide assistance to other humans, in order to better humanity for moral, altruistic and logical reasons. It is the philosophical belief in movement toward the improvement of the human race in a variety of areas, used to describe a wide number of activities relating specifically to human welfare.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child remains a vital instrument in FAAVM’s work on the protection of children and adolescents. The National Child Protection Convention (NCPC), and the National Youth Development Congress (NYDC) promote meaningful, quality and positive participation of minority children and adolescents.  relationship breakdown. In response to the increasing number of children who are being exposed to child abuse and neglect, the NCPC is committed to the safety and well-being of  children and is working to implement a comprehensive approach to protecting children.

The Global Outreach Ministries for Peace (GOMP), the principal judicial organ of the FAAVM has initiated many research studies and activities at the national and international levels. These research studies and activities main objectives are to eliminate racial conflicts, gender inequalities, and also act for the dissolution of all form of social injustice, for social and economic development, the establishment of a fair international economic order.
FAAVM Messengers of Peace/Goodwill Ambassadors are distinguished individuals, carefully selected from the fields of art, literature, science, entertainment, sports or other fields of public life, who have agreed to help focus worldwide attention on the work of the FAAVM. Backed by the highest honour bestowed by the Founder-President & CEO on a global citizen, these prominent personalities volunteer their time, talent and passion to raise awareness and promote peaceful relations everywhere in the world.

The main objective is to empower children so they feel positive about their bodies and safe  in the knowledge that they have someone to talk to if there is a problem. The songs are fun positive animations, introduced by a character called Cynthie, this should help you to keep the message simple. Sing along, do hand movements  and dance, anything to help make the message memorable and positive for the children.

The Federal Tribunal for Civil Justice and Equity (FTCJE) undertakes to establish its human rights judicial machinery by addressing inequities and facilitating the respect, protection, and fulfillment of human rights, as stipulated in internationally agreed human rights instruments including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Bill of Human Rights. ​The first step in filing a human rights complaint is telling us what happened, why it happened, and where you were when it happened using the contact form. 

As part of its mission to support innovation, manufacturing, exports, and foreign direct investment, The Science and Technology Innovation Council (STIC) increases national and international capacity for innovative manufacturing through partnerships with state and local governments, academic institutions, and private sector. Finally, STIC supports research and development leading to transformative changes in technology and promotes intellectual property policy that supports and protects innovation, and helps to accelerate technology development and commercialization, and strengthen our position in the global competition for new products, new markets, and new jobs.

If you believe you have experienced human rights or civil rights violations, or any form of injustice, you may be able to file a complaint with The Federal Tribunal for Civil Justice and Equity (FTCJE). The FTCJE addresses consistent patterns of gross and reliably attested violations of all human rights and all fundamental freedoms occurring under any circumstances. The complaint procedure addresses communications submitted by individuals, groups, or non-governmental organizations that claim to be victims of human rights violations or that have direct, reliable knowledge of such violations.

The Science and Technology Innovation Council (STIC) also launched the Minority Broadcasting Networks (MBN), a special project, which includes the foundation of a Minority Television and Entertainment Networks (MTEN), aiming to promote and develop minority cultural diversity. The Science and Technology Innovation Council (STIC) is the principal means by which the Executive Branch coordinates science and technology policy across research and development enterprise. A primary objective is to establishing clear national and international goals for  science and technology investments. The STIC prepares research and development strategies that are coordinated across government and corporate agencies to form investment packages aimed at accomplishing multiple national goals. 

Children's rights are the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to minors. The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) defines a child as "any human being below the age of eighteen years, unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier." Children's rights includes their right to association with both parents, human identity as well as the basic needs for physical protection, food, universal state-paid education, health care, and criminal laws appropriate for the age and development of the child and equal protection.

With an early fascination for high end fashion wear, sophisticated women fashion, glamour and art, Raphael Louis has finally started his brand, where he takes his passions for fashion and humanity to new heights, with a mission to give back to humanity; mainly supporting FAAVM organization’s humanitarian activities and projects locally, nationally, regionally and globally.This profound role in human culture has created a giant. The global fashion industry is conservatively estimated to be worth over US$1.3 Trillion (around 2% of the value of the world economy). 

The different organs, agencies and bodies of the FAAVM are involved in nearly every aspect of human rights, civil rights and human development, with activities ranging from economic development and advancement, legislative research projects, global partnership and trade, to financial and technical assistance from governments and private enterprises. The FAAVM plays an important supporting role as developing Canadian visible minority communities shape, and implement their strategies to reduce poverty and stimulate growth. 

The Minority Business Development Group (MBDG) programs are designed to develop and grow diversity in business, and provides thought leadership that shapes public policy, corporate and public sector best practices. This initiative helps meet the needs of  of diverse businesses through world-class, high-quality, and high-impact experiences. The results support the growth of participating companies, creating jobs and opportunity in their communities. Building a High-Performing Minority Business on strategy implementation to drive results, leverage the value chain, and improve the bottom line. 

Raphael Louis Collections is a Canadian luxury brand of fashion, goods and products aiming to become of the most influential icons in the world of designer fashion. All of our products are designed with the sophisticated yet individual customer in mind. The silhouette of our clothing is modern and Canadian. Our range of patterns and prints ensures that you’ll find something in our collection to take you from the boardroom to the bar to the boardwalk.

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The Canada Commission on Civil Rights (CCCR) national actions to protect national minorities and majorities include the integration of human rights crisis prevention research, and the federal bill of rights, The Canada Civil Rights Act of 2003, an important legislative project, which reflects the input of an inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral group stakeholders, combining research evidence and analysis with community.  We uphold and promote the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), a multilateral treaty adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 16 December 1966, and in force from 23 March 1976.

At first glance, the idea of inequity in the health care industry speaks to the availability of adequate coverage, facilities and professionals to meet the needs of low-income families. However, a closer look at the issue reveals that disparities also exist around social determinants of health such as housing, transportation, employment and other environmental, social and economic conditions that impact health. Although a touchy subject, it’s no secret that minorities are not always afforded the best options and resources designed to improve and/ or maintain a healthy prognosis.

The natural environment comprises all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth. In its purest sense, it is thus an environment that is not the result of human activity or intervention. The natural environment may be contrasted to "the built environment." FAAVM Environmentalism advocates the lawful preservation, restoration and/or improvement of the natural environment, and may be referred to as a movement to control pollution or protect plant and animal diversity, to balance relations between humans and the various natural systems on which they depend.

Lobbying is the process through which FAAVM articulates its interests to federal, provincial or municipal governments in order to influence public policy or government decision-making. Because of the possibility for conflict of interest, lobbying is the subject of much public scrutiny. Nevertheless, it serves the important purpose of providing individual and collective interests with access to government. At the federal level, lobbying activities are governed by the Lobbying Act, while provinces and municipalities have their own laws and by-laws. 

The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) are a set of seven principles that offer guidance for business based on best practices from around the world. The WEPs were developed as a joint initiative between UN Women and the UN Global Compact. There have been many empirical studies that demonstrate the business case for gender equality, however many companies are yet to include gender diversity within their top strategic priorities. By signing up to the WEP organisations can take the first step in transforming their workplace.